Nigeria must sustain energy mix strategy in 2020 —Segun Adaju

As the year 2020 begins to take shape, WebTV recently interviewed the President of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, Mr. Segun Adaju, on his outlook for the power and energy sector... Read more »

Eko Carbon Exchange holds Dialogue on waste, emissions and wealth creation Nov 12

By Oke Peter Eko Carbon Exchange (ECX), a platform for education and awareness on environmental emissions, as well as carbon pricing and climate token-based emission trading, as a voluntary mitigation pathway under... Read more »

What does science say about the need for nuclear?

By Jessica McDonald While Senator Bernie Sanders has said “scientists tell us” that it’s possible to go carbon neutral without relying on nuclear power, fellow Democratic presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker, who... Read more »

Renewable energy’s inconvenient truth

By Gail Tverberg The energy needs of the world’s economy seem to be easy to model. Energy consumption is measured in a variety of different ways including kilowatt-hours, barrels of oil equivalent,... Read more »

First WATT Renewables wins ‘Renewable Energy Forum 2019’ co-organised by the African Development Bank

The company, based in Canada, is a private sector clean-energy technology producer and supplier of sustainable energy solutions First WATT Renewables has emerged the winners of the 4th West African Forum for... Read more »

Balancing electricity security with the rise of renewables

As the contributions of solar PV and wind power to electricity systems keep growing around the world, governments and industry are challenged to address the critical work of integrating these variable renewables... Read more »

Africa needs to modernise and decentralise its grid to solve its power distribution problems

By Anastasia WALSH Grid modernisation, specifically the deployment of microgrids in rural areas, provides a promising strategy Electrification is an on-going and foundational investment, and a necessary one to realize all modern-day... Read more »

United Nations General Assembly 2019: No room for coal in Africa’s renewable future —Akinwumi Adesina

Adesina also talked about plans for $20 billion of investments in solar and clean energy that would provide the region’s 250 million people with 10,000 MW of electricity. African Development Bank (AfDB)... Read more »

UK pledges $250m towards Global Energy Storage Programme

The UK pledged £200 million ($250 million) to the Climate Investment Funds’ Global Energy Storage Programme, which in collaboration with the World Bank’s Energy Storage Partnership aims to deliver breakthrough energy storage... Read more »

New private equity fund to invest in sustainable energy in Nigeria

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), managed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), has approved a $500,000 grant to support the development and launch of the Nigeria Energy Access Fund (NEAF).... Read more »